Rules & Regulations

1. The students are expected to register their presence in the college regularly in the attendance register as well as through Biometric Attendance System.
2. 75% attendance in each subject is mandatory, as prescribed by the University.
3. Regular assessments are conducted to ensure consistent and successful performance of students in academics, the same will be conducted in the second week of every month. The assessed test paper will be returned to the students which is required to be duly signed by the parents. Parents must ensure the attendance of their ward for same.
4. The students are required to inform the college, in case they remain absent for 3 or more consecutive days.
5. If the student is absent due to illness, she is expected to submit all concerned medical certificates to the college.
6. Mobile phones are only allowed at OFF mode in the college campus. If any mobile is found in ON mode, the same will be confiscated. The college will not be responsible for any loss of mobile, etc.
7. All students are expected to attend college in the proper uniform throughout the session.
8. Students are not permitted to receive visitors inside the college campus. If necessary parents can meet the Principal & Faculty Co-ordinators.
9. Students are required to maintain good conduct and discipline in the college. Violation of college rules & regulation will make the student liable for disciplinary action.
10. If any student is caught bunking their lectures, will be liable for strict disciplinary action and can be suspended with immediate effect.
11. The timings of the college are from 7:45 am to 12:45 pm subject to variation as per season change. After 8:15 am students will not be allowed to enter into the college in any condition.
12. All students are expected to humbly recognize and acknowledge the presence of all the faculty members.
13. Presence of students is mandatory in all the cultural events.
14. Any girl found in possession of any obscene material- printed on paper or electronic, writing anything similar on the table or damaging college property will be heavily penalized.
15. Any girl found in possession of any obscene material- printed on paper or electronic, writing anything similar on the table or damaging college property will be heavily penalized.
16. All students must help to maintain and keep the campus neat and clean.
17. Students must feel free to contact the Principal regarding academic or any other college related issue.
18. During teaching hours the main lobby ,the library , the corridors of the institute and the area surrounding the institute are to be observed as silence zones. Students must not cause any disturbance in these zones.
19. Students must not indulge in any kind of misconduct or indiscipline or anti social activities within or outside the campus. Students must not form a group causing any hindrance to the academic and administrative activities of the college. Those found doing so will be punished and strict disciplinary action will be taken by the authorities.
20. Students are advised to read the notice boards regularly.
21. Students must always carry their Identity Card and produce it on request . In case of loss or damage of Identity Card, the concerned authorities should be informed accordingly.
22. Students should park their vehicles /cycles in an orderly manner at the defined stands.
23.Students should follow the rules of canteen.


1. To get the best from the college for your ward, you are advised to maintain close contact with the college.
2. In case of any specific problem, academic or otherwise, please feel free to contact the P:rincipal or the subject teacher.
3. The child must have 75% attendance and parents are requested to send their ward regularly to the college to ensure their academic growth.
4. Parents must ensure that the fees to be deposited should be done within the prescribed time limit.
5. Use of mobile phones or any other valuable electronic gadget is strictly prohibited in the campus.
6. Parents must monitor regular academic performance of their ward in monthly assessments conducted by the college and also must monitor the kind of company their ward keeps.
7. The student would not be allowed to meet any visitor during college hours. In case of any emergency, only parents would be allowed to meet the child.
8. We are always open to suggestions from parents. Please feel free to discuss any important issue concerning your ward and give your suggestions to the Principal.